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Keys Cut
Standard Cut (Residential) $3.75
Mailbox Cut (Residential) $3.75
Standard Cut (Commercial) $3.75
Mailbox Cut (Commercial) $3.75
Standard Cut (Auto) $5.00
Double Cut (Auto) $5.00
High Security Cuts $35.00
Sorry We DO NOT Cut Steel Keys
Standard Lock (Residential) $29.95
Standard Deadbolt (Residential) $29.95
High Security (Residential) $79.95
Standard Lock (Commercial) $59.95
High Security Lock (Commercial) $89.95
Re-Keyed Locks (Residential) $20.00
Re-Keyed Locks (Commercial) $30.00
Service Pricing
Lock outs
(Depends on time of lockout)
Service Call Charge $70.00

All Prices are SUBJECT TO CHANGE depending on conditions at time of service.

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